October 24, 2018 Prague

Our zoom-letter CRM has been a sponsor of the competition at the COCKTAIL PARTY of HRS International. The competition question was: "Which is the largest hotel chain in the world in terms of number of hotels?". Winner was, Mr. Eric Pere, General Manager from Hotel Corinthia Prague. We would like to congratulate to Mr. Pere and we hope that he was pleased to win 2 tickets to Skybox at O2 Arena Prague.

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October 17, 2018 Prague

Within the 10th annual International Scientific Conference on Hospitality, Tourism and Education, a panel discussion was held on the topic: "BIG DATA AND THEIR USE IN THE TOURISM" with the participation of virtual-zoom. Besides us, speakers of renowned companies such as: O2, Expedia, IBM, MyStay, Bookassist performed.

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October 05, 2018 Prague

For the third year of conference Emailing 2020 on e-mail communication in the Czech Republic. It was organized by Acomware and we have participated again. See the video that proves this:


September 25, 1018 Prague

Bookassist Czech Republic invited us to their workshop where we became acquainted with the news in the hotel e-mail marketing. Two lectures were in the framework of four-piece series of four pillars of success in digital marketing. They raised interesting discussions, opinions and suggestions of participants from among the professionals in the hotel industry. It was very inspiring also with regard to the further development of our zoom-letter CRM.

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zoom-letter CRM is becoming more and more popular

August 21, 2018 Prague

zoom-letter CRM announces that the number of clients who use Lite, Standard, Business or Professional licenses is no longer in units, or dozens, but in hundreds!
The number of clients (hotels, restaurants, e-shops) who integrate the software into their e-commerce solutions is growing.
The number of collaborating partners is also growing. We already cooperate with many hotel PMS, such as Opera, Fidelio, Protel, Hores, Lauryn, Agnis, Mews, Hoteltime, etc.
However, what is most important, the software is constantly evolving with regard to the development of online marketing and new incentives and requirements of you, our clients.
Do not hesitate to contact us for information about zoom-letter CRM.

New blocks in Composer

July 11, 2018 Prague

Our development team has produced new blocks by which individual templates for classic newsletters, prestay, poststay or birthday messages, etc. can be made.
Now everyone can choose from more than 40 blocks, which are available according to individual licensing program.
Try new blocks in your zoom-letter editing interfaces.

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We are expanding our support team

June 20, 2018 Prague

We do our best to satisfy our clients, and as we are still growing, we've expanded our support team. From now you can contact these colleagues with your requirements:

Petra Fesslová 

zoom-letter support

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Eva Linhartová 

zoom-letter support

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Pop-up button

June 6, 2018 Prague

Did you close the pop-up window with a special offer and can not open it again? zoom-letter CRM brings a small button solution that records the last pop-up showen on the website page and prompts you to reopen it and use the offer.

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GDPR is coming! Keep everything under control and in accordance with GDPR with ZOOM-LETTER.

May 28, Prague

A brand new LITE program is set up for you to record client consent and manage their database. The LITE program will allow you to manage and sort all personal data of your clients collected from your website (contact and order forms) and treat them in terms of GDPR. Be up to date and have control over your database.

  • client database
  • assigning clients to an unlimited number of groups
  • filtering and sorting clients according to specified parameters
  • access restrictions to groups by using user permissions
  • records about emails sent to the client
  • editing a template sent to clients for a Double Opt-in request

More than 70 room nights within 12 hours from
zoom-letter CRM

Feb 5, Prague

We have recorded a fantastic increase of reservations of one of our foreign zoom-letter CRM clients.
Based on the already distributed newsletter campaign, we have recorded more than 70 room nights booked.
All of that happend within 12 hours since it was sent out.

Congratulation for the successful result.

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Nov 16, Vienna

We presented our zoom-letter CRM software at one of the largest conferences for hotel management in Vienna. In total, the Arcotel hotel Wimberger conference hall met 150 hoteliers from Austria and Germany. They had the opportunity to attend a wide range of interesting workshops including our zoom-letter presentation.

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Sep 18, Prague

coopoeration foto

Samples of Membership banners created in zoom-letter®

Membership features:

  • client’s account with login for registration
  • web page for registration with terms & conditions
  • automatic detection of registered person (fingerprints)
  • select the recording time of fingerprints
  • usage of promocode for membership prices
  • linked to booking engine

New version of Pop-up/Stop Exit extension is available!

July 24, Prague

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Samples of Pop-up/Stop Exit banners created in zoom-letter®

New Pop-up/Stop Exit features:

  • pop-up with overlapping possibility / eject from side - left or right side
  • possibility to frame the pop-up in any color
  • possibility to set up background color
  • register client’s e-mail into a database (membership)
  • color selection for „cross“ closing the pop-up. Selection of black, white and grey
  • set up of Google Analytics statistics for display and clicks.

Pop-up/Stop Exit banners still support:

  • pop-up windows including a possibility of more pop-ups on your website
  • editing of a certain page ( subpage ), where a pop-up will appear + in which language version
  • setting of a time lag, after which the pop up will appear, eg. after 5 sec. , and how many times it will appear
  • loading of pictures/background and a possibility of changing them whenever you want
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of setting a link to another page
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of setting a box for entering client’ s email
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of a count down ( a count down of validity in a day/hour/minute format )
  • Deal of the day – a special offer with limited validity and the highest priority in chosen language version. It automatically deactivates other pop-ups
  • display according to localization (e.g. a pop-up will be displayed only in the USA)
  • switching on/off
  • timing of banner display

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