New extension - MEMBERSHIP


Sep 18, Prague

coopoeration foto

Samples of Membership banners created in zoom-letter®

Membership features:

  • client’s account with login for registration
  • web page for registration with terms & conditions
  • automatic detection of registered person (fingerprints)
  • select the recording time of fingerprints
  • usage of promocode for membership prices
  • linked to booking engine

New version of Pop-up/Stop Exit extension is available!

July 24, Prague

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Samples of Pop-up/Stop Exit banners created in zoom-letter®

New Pop-up/Stop Exit features:

  • pop-up with overlapping possibility / eject from side - left or right side
  • possibility to frame the pop-up in any color
  • possibility to set up background color
  • register client’s e-mail into a database (membership)
  • color selection for „cross“ closing the pop-up. Selection of black, white and grey
  • set up of Google Analytics statistics for display and clicks.

Pop-up/Stop Exit banners still support:

  • pop-up windows including a possibility of more pop-ups on your website
  • editing of a certain page ( subpage ), where a pop-up will appear + in which language version
  • setting of a time lag, after which the pop up will appear, eg. after 5 sec. , and how many times it will appear
  • loading of pictures/background and a possibility of changing them whenever you want
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of setting a link to another page
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of setting a box for entering client’ s email
  • in a pop-up : a possibility of a count down ( a count down of validity in a day/hour/minute format )
  • Deal of the day – a special offer with limited validity and the highest priority in chosen language version. It automatically deactivates other pop-ups
  • display according to localization (e.g. a pop-up will be displayed only in the USA)
  • switching on/off
  • timing of banner display